Saturday, 17 July 2010


I did Step 2 on Sunday. I got offered a job on Monday. (There is a God!)

The day after the world cup ended, which for me couldn't have been more perfect, I get a job!

So the last week has been satisfying busy*! I am now teaching, and next week I will also be hosting 5 students on behalf of my sister.

The downside, is that I havent been to a meeting for a week, and will struggle for the next week too. That said, I will be meeting my sponsor tomorrow, and we will be tackling Step 3.

So happy - if rather busy - days. I know I need to remain grounded, but I am so pleased that for once things are coming together. I can look back over the last couple of weeks, of the progress, and be truly thankfully for what this program and its members have given me.

*In fact rather manic - my first teaching job, there have been hours and hours of lesson planning, and a fair bit of nerves!


  1. Yes - there is a God :-)
    I could so relate to struggling when I miss meetings. I hope your meeting with your sponsor helps reel things in for you.

  2. Sometimes a case of nerves is deserved. There would be something if you did not feel a bit nervous. Best wishes on your new job and your continued recovery one day at a time.

  3. It sounds good. Glad that the teaching job came through.