Monday, 4 October 2010

Ouch, My Head Hurts (Day 1)

So once again,
here I go again.

I have no idea how long it has been since I started drinking again - too long by all accounts - but I know how long I haven't: 1 day.

I feel like shit again, I have lost contact with family and friends, neglected all my commitments and finances.

Today I have just tried to keep busy, eat good food, and stay in the company of others. As it is quarter-to-midnight it appears to have worked. Tomorrow means finding a meeting and admitting to what happened. God I hate doing this. Again.


  1. My first comment went poof so here I go again LOL

    Keep coming back it works if you work it is so very very true!!!

    Don't give up on yourself, you're higher power and so many others are with you to share their experience, strength and hope with you and they will just listen and know you are where you need to be!!!

  2. I hope that you get to that meeting. Just take it one day at a time. Hang in there.