Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Step 1

For step one, I will read The Doctor's Opinion, and I have been asked to list 20 incidents, results of drinking, that show how unmanageable it got. (Is that the same for everyone, do different sponsors/sponsees do things differently? Who knows, here goes...)
  1. Alcohol = the months at a time of isolation, hopelessness, and depression - not speaking to anyone, holed away in my room.
  2. Alcohol = poor health, terrible physical well begin: poor diet, diarrhea, random aches and pains.
  3. Alcohol = waking up every morning with brutal hangover, both mind and body, which only recommencing with drinking again will cure.
  4. Alcohol = anxiety and stress (especially during 1.) for my family and loved ones.
  5. Alcohol = drink driving / damage to car.
  6. Alcohol = criminal damage, being arrested (and -> 4. -> 1...)
  7. Alcohol = no degree / no career (no maintaining anything!)
  8. Alcohol = lost property: lost mobile phones, money, untold valuables.
  9. Alcohol = waking up with people I shouldnt have (e.g. K when going out with N).
  10. Alcohol = losing many people I care about, through my poor behaviour and choices (e.g. L/ N/ C/ M...)
  11. Alcohol = disastrous interview for M&S.
  12. Alcohol = 1/3 of my life 'wasted'.
  13. Alcohol = lying & deceit (e.g. 'Laura'/'Emma' to G).
  14. Alcohol = over sleeping. (When plastering, BT, Pub...)
  15. Alcohol = no control of my spending/CC use - just booze booze booze, money or not.
  16. Alcohol = losing job, cheques bouncing, arguments with C, fleeing to Wales.
  17. Alcohol = fleeing from Wales - as opposed to 'place to get head together'!
  18. Alcohol = being abusive and snide and nasty, e.g. M in Kingston.
  19. Alcohol = embarrassing and inappropriate flirting (with C @ Illusions, K.C. end of year, C.T.)
  20. Alcohol = stealing drinks when staying round peoples' houses. (L's, M's, N's, Mum & Dads...)
So there are some of my cringe inducing moments, although somehow at the time I could have explained them, or rather though it somehow normal. Or at least a few more drinks and I would have forgotten in no time.


  1. I found your list to be very insightful and helpful to this family member. It shows me the mind of the alcoholic and that you do have regrets. thank you for sharing that!

  2. Hap Joy Free: You are welcome. I have regrets now, of the things I have done and the people I have hurt - but I cannot regret the path my life has taken. IT has made me who I am today, and frankly, I am not that bad a person!
    I am so glad you appreciated it.